Centro Equestre Vale do Lima


Lodging & Education

Centro Equestre Vale do Lima offers 45 boxes, where all the horses are treated by dedicated and experienced professionals.

Teaching is done by certified monitors within 10 hectares, which boasts of a covered riding arena, an outdoor arena and a track.


Introduction to Horse Riding and Equestrian Technics on Centro Equestre Vale do Lima, where we have experienced monitors and prepared to offer you all the relaxation needed to enjoy the unique pleasure of riding.

We have reserved for you docile horses, that will provide you with all the benefits and all the pleasure offered by a unique combination of sports and leisure.


Set the right program for your level with our monitors which, by their experience and dedication, will help in the evolution of culture and equestrian art.

Note: Children aged between 4 and 6 years are entitled to a discount on the normal price of the lessons.


Internship of education and traditional Portuguese riding, where you will practice and enjoy the pleasure of riding a horse suitable for your level, with a training program developed by experienced monitors.

Note: Minimum 3 days.